Kolokwia Antropologiczne 8.11.2013, prof. Bruno Latour

Prof. Bruno Latour

Sciences Po Paris

8 listopada, 2013 r., godz. 16:00, Stary BUW, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa

How to use Occam Razor to multiply ontological templates - reflexions on the Inquiry on Modes of Existence

podczas wykładu prof. Latour zaprezentuje swój najnowszy projekt badawczy

The inquiry on modes of existence opens a different ''geopolitical'' scene since the ''Moderns'' may now offer of themselves a more reasonable picture. This new situation allows for a more open comparative basis for continuing the project of an anthropology. The lecture will review this geopolitical scene and then move on to give the prefix '''geo'' a meaning more in keeping with the ecological predicament in which all collectives - modern or not - find themselves in.

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